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SPEFUR furan resins for core and moulding sands

Characteristics: SPEFUR furan resins are acid-curable synthetic resin products for binding core and moulding sand at room temperature. The base material for all SPEFUR furan resins is pure furfuryl alcohol. The SPEFUR furan resin product range includes numerous qualities, which cover all types of casting and applications.

Properties: The cores and moulds made with SPEFUR furan resins are particularly characterised by their extremely good dimensional stability and very high strength. The special composition of these resins (high furfuryl alcohol content while at the same time having minimum free formaldehyde, nitrogen and water content) results in environmentally friendly use. All types in the SPECATIL hardener product range are particularly suitable as hardeners.

Application: The products are usually used in continuous mixers. If used in batch mixers, place sand in first, add SPECATIL hardener and mix for 2 minutes. Then add SPEFUR resin and mix for a further 2 minutes.

Shelf-life: At least 6 months, if stored appropriately in closed containers.

Furan resins particularly recommended for iron casting:
  • SPEFUR FH 463
  • SPEFUR  FH 472
  • SPEFUR FH 475
  • SPEFUR FH 476
  • SPEFUR FH 491
  • SPEFUR 80 SP

Other resins on request.

SPELUX phenol resins

Characteristics: SPELUX is a condensation resin made of phenol and formaldehyde. The sand mixture is cured at room temperature by adding a hardener from the
SPECATIL TS and SH series.

High mould and core dimensional accuracy and strengths are achieved.

SPELUX can be used with quartz, zirconium and chromite sands. The quantity added is generally between 0.9 % and 1.3 % of the sand quantity.

SPELUX can be stored for approx. 2 months in cool storage conditions (15-20° C).

Phenol resins particularly recommended for iron casting:
  • SPELUX 05

SPEFUR  furan phenol blend resins

Furan phenol mixed resins particularly recommended for iron casting:
  • SPELUX F 420
  • SPEFUR FH 745
Other furan phenol blend resins available on request.

Packaging: canisters, drums, containers, tanker vehicles

SPECATIL hardeners

Characteristics: SPECATIL hardeners are used for cold-setting furan and phenol resins. Depending on the type, the curing rate of the mould material mixture can be controlled to enable easy working not only during the cold season but also in increased or very high temperatures.

SPECATIL hardeners can be stored for 6 months at room temperature.

Hardeners particularly recommended for iron casting:
  • SPECATIL TS 104 (standard hardener)
  • SPECATIL SH 35 (rapid hardener)
  • SPECATIL SH 70 (rapid hardener)
  • SPECATIL SR 1400 (reduced sulphur standard hardener)
  • SPECATIL SR 50-3A (reduced sulphur rapid hardener)
Other hardeners are available on request.

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