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In our well-equipped modern laboratory and pilot plant facility we develop contemporary products and processes for solving specific customers’ tasks in foundries.
Furthermore, quality assurance controls are performed on incoming goods and production batches and are documented.
All products that leave our firm thus provide our customers with optimum certainty.
We offer our resin customers comprehensive, free of charge tests on used sands and regenerates, to detect potential sources of defects early and to remove them. Above all, these are tests to determine the
  • nitrogen content,
  • sulphur content,
  • ignition losses,
  • pH values,
  • water content,
  • clay content,
  • screen fractions,
  • acid number,
  • bending strengths,
  • tensile strengths,
  • compressive strengths.
All details in the analyses correspond to our current knowledge on application, effect and environmental performance. However, no commitment can be derived from these.

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