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SPECOSIL sodium silicate binders

Characteristics: SPECOSIL sodium silicate binders have been developed for all kinds of different standards and requirements within the foundry industry.

Depending on the SPECOSIL type, curing takes place with CO2 or special esters. At the same time, good breakdown properties are achieved. If necessary, an additional breakdown promoter is used to improve core breakdown still further.

SPECOSIL grades and hardeners are also available, which achieved good results when used with continuous mixers.

The casting surface is improved by using SPECOTIN alcohol-based coatings.

SPECOSIL can be stored for 6 months in cool conditions.



Characteristics: SPECORIT grades are ideally suited as core and moulding sand additives to improve durability and edge strength after curing and to achieve good core breakdown. Powdered and liquid types are available.

Kept in closed containers at room temperature they have a shelf life of 6 months.


Characteristics: With SPECATIL W and WM, the SPECOSIL sodium silicate binder cures without the addition of CO2. The pot life can be adjusted by choosing the appropriate SPECATIL W and WM type. SPECATIL W and WM hardeners are environmentally friendly and odourless.

Kept in closed containers at room temperature they have a shelf life of 6 months.

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