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SPEFAT special parting agent

for foundries and modelmaking firms

Characteristics: SPEFAT is a collective name for an extensive range of parting agents for all kinds of different applications in foundries and modelmaking firms.

Properties: SPEFAT parting agents ensure optimum process reliability due to clean demoulding and are extremely economical in use.
To achieve maximum performance, a range of SPEFAT parting agents are available for all kinds of different applications and moulding processes:
  • SPEFAT for demoulding wet green sand,
  • SPEFAT for demoulding cold-setting sands (Cold-box, SPEFIX, CO2 processes, furan resin, phenol resin, alphaset, betaset and similar processes),
  • SPEFAT for demoulding precision casting (Shaw, Unicast and similar processes),
  • SPEFAT for demoulding thermosetting sands (hot-box, Croning and similar processes),
  • SPEFAT for demoulding in modelmaking.
With aqueous SPEFAT parting agents, new standards are set with regard to their ecological properties and occupational safety - and outstanding parting effect.

Highly effective SPEFORM cleaners are available remove synthetic resin binders from models, tools, core boxes, and mixers.

Form of delivery(depending on the SPEFAT type): spray cans, canisters, drums, containers.

SPEFORM parting powder

Parting agent for powdering the patterns in sand moulding. Clean separation of the pattern is achieved when lifted out of the sand mould.

SPEFORM silver powder graphite

SPEFORM silver powder graphite is suitable for powdering moulds.
Fineness: at least 90 % through 100 mesh. Apparent density: approx. 500 g/l

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